Camel Bone Jewellery Box


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An adorable and essential handcrafted work which everyone would love to own. Made from camel bone, this rectangular jewellery storage organiser/trinket box is adorned with traditional artwork. It can have versatile storage uses in houses and offices, along with being an attractive showpiece on a desktop or a showcase. It is a beautiful gift to a woman which helps her safeguard her trinkets from residue and rust, and could also be used as a stockpile box.

The elephant’s miniature painting on the box follows the classic Indian art style practiced across northwestern regions in the country.
The camel is regarded as a spirit animal that can assist you in remaining calm, devoted, and confident. Adding these camel bone artefacts to your home will provide these energies as needed, and is one of the nicest presents anyone can receive.

Dimensions 8.89 × 6.35 cm

Camel Bone


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Camel Bone Jewellery Box

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