Pagade (Solapur Dare board)


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A two/four-player dice game, Choupar/Pagaday/Pachisi dates back to the Mahabharata times where Yudhishthira, heir apparent to the throne, is said to have lost his kingdom to his cousins after being defeated by Duryodhana (his eldest cousin) in this game. One of the ancient games that is said to have been played by the kings, Choupar is often considered as an Indian version of Ludo.

The board of the game is often embroidered on a cloth that is shaped in the form of a cross where each player plays at an arm of the cross. The game is played by rolling the dice. Before a player can bring any of his own pawns ‘home (central square)’, he has to knock out at least one pawn of another player. One who gets all his pawns home, wins the game.

The package consists of a beautiful game board of handwoven cloth, two stick dice, 16 (4×4) pawns, and the instruction leaflet.


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