Silk Table Cloth for Center and Dining Tables


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 A delicately hemmed elephant and butterfly patterned jacquard silk table cover cloth.

Brocade silk used for this table cloth features an intricate pattern woven into the warp with powerful stitching technology that is resistant to thread loss.

Handmade from the highest quality brocade silk and durable, this elegantly crafted elephant and butterfly mosaic and classic floral border pattern blends in with any décor. It protects furniture surfaces from scratches and damage.

The fabric immediately brings attention and elegance to your dining table or any other flat surface in the living and drawing room. It can be used to beautify any place including walls, showcases, special exhibits or arrangements on festive days, card tables, reception tables and many more.

Its good looks can be further enhanced by placing mats, utensil sets or any other paraphernalia or decorative objects of contrasting hues in accordance with the occasion.

(Size: 60×60)