Trunkdown Wooden Elephant


A handcrafted wooden elephant model crafted from fine wood and carved by skilled artisans.
This fantastic art and carving give it a stunning and elegant appearance that will complement your home well.
This style is ideal for home décor and is a wonderful gift for your loved ones.

Place these in the outward direction of your home to protect it from evil or harmful forces.
To stay grounded at work or to reserve strength and vitality at home, this downward-trunk elephant souvenir might be for you!
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A trunk-down elephant carved from teak wood. The majestic, calm gait of a seasoned royal elephant, and the intricate web of detailed carvings, exhibits the skill and workmanship of the sculptor.
This piece of art lends a rich and royal aura to its surroundings.

Wood Polychrome


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Trunkdown Wooden Elephant

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