Wooden Chowka bara, 7 House


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An ancient, indigenous, traditional two/four-player game Chowka Baara originated in the Indian households. The game is played using cowrie shells, and is one of the oldest games being played in the regions of South India.

Popularly known by various names like Katte Mane or Ghatta Mane, the game is controlled by each player taking a turn to roll the cowrie shells. Each player has to defeat an opponent’s pawn at least once to get inside the inner chowka/squares.

The mouth of the shell that lands upwards is 1 and the one downwards is 0. In this 7×7 squares game, each player gets to roll the shells again upon casting a 6 or 12.

The player who gets all his pawns at the earliest to the square at the centre wins the game.

The colourful and ornate game board is a classic in itself and is representative of the authentic Indian tradition and culture.


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