About Us

About us

Ever realised the fondness an artefact brings to you, particularly if you bought it from your hometown? The nostalgia that the memorial inspires is ample to make you want to get your hands on them.

Being deeply rooted in our culture and keeping up the tradition, we have always been drawn to handicrafts. These crafts are a mirror of cultural identity and bring immense value to our ethnicity.

Desiadda is a brick and click platform based in Mysuru that professionalises in designing and producing customised handcrafted products from the local artisans.

Founded by Adarsh Ramesh in 2015, Desiadda brings a wide range of memorabilia and handicrafts encouraging the preservation of fading art forms. Our tantalising artefacts with its distinctive features not only depict a story but takes you back time to the land of the unknown.

From miniature carvings like palaces, statuettes, and historical monuments to intriguing board games, souvenirs, wood carvings, decorative novelties, handmade paintings, idols, mementoes, key chains, refrigerator magnets, badges, coffee mugs, to banana fibre artworks like file folders and mats, Desiadda is a gallery of diverse artefacts.