Vishnu Lakshmi Doll


This is a very enchanting doll of Vishnu, who is one among the Trinity in the Hindu pantheon, along with his divine consort, Lakshmi. It radiates a colourful, blended aura of sacredness and innocence.

Being the Preserver, Vishnu is seen holding his signature shankha (conch) in one hand and a chakra (disc weapon) in the other. Goddess Lakshmi — the embodiment of wealth, prosperity, luck, beauty and everything positive — is holding a lotus each in her hands which signifies the grace and knowledge that bring auspiciousness into everyone’s life.

This exquisite piece of art can as much beautify a special occasion as it does the everyday environs at homes or offices. Mounted on a flat pedestal, it sits squarely on flat surfaces and induces a subtle positivity and charm to the living and working spaces.

It would always be welcome as a lucky gift.


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