Wooden Elephant Box


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Beautifully handmade wooden storage/jewellery box with the design of a trunk-up elephant. Elephants in this posture radiate indomitable energy, passion and positivity.

The box can adorn any space including your dressing table, wardrobe, study room, living room or the pooja room. It can also be a part of an office or an event. It can hold a variety of things within itself, such as jewellery, watches, family heirlooms, books, documents, gifts, ritualistic paraphernalia, and many other utilities depending on its location.

It can also fill in as a showpiece in living and drawing rooms or the reception area, giving your domestic and commercial spaces a look of classic and elegant tradition.
As jewellery boxes, they make wonderful gifts for ladies and girls.

Weight 750 kg
Dimensions 15.24 × 30.48 cm

Wood Polychrome


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Wooden Elephant Box

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